Uniware Newsletter: February 2017

Fully Integrated E-Bay Solution in Upcoming AusVantage

In the upcoming AusVantage V8 release, a fully integrated ‘E-Bay’ solution will be available, along with a host of additional functionality.

This new feature allows the simple addition, removal and maintenance of products that you may wish to make available on E-Bay for sale. All updates made within AusVantage V8 for E-Bay products will be updated automatically on the E-Bay site for immediate sale to your prospective customers.

All submitted and paid transactions on E-Bay will also show on your AusVantage V8 system ready for pick-up by warehouse staff.

If you require any further information regarding the E-Bay integration, please call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or email info@uniware.com.au

Uniware Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Uniware’s business intelligence (BI) provides an aerial view of the performance of your organisation. Great for SME’s which allows users to custom create reports for financial, inventory, warehouse, manufacturing and sales metrics.

Cube Designer – Cross Reference Data

The Cube designer in BI is a Windows-based desktop client that allows the user to design and create hyper-cubes from source data. By capturing the specifications of the hyper-cubes it generates data extraction/ transformation/loading (ETL) routines, which enables the user to develop highly advanced applications as per their needs.

Report Writer

Report writer enables the user to export reports in CSV/Excel format.

With the help of report writer, users will be able to build ad-hoc reports based on database file definitions for Unidata/Universe and D3 databases. Why spend significant time and costs in having your current reports updated when the ‘Report Writer’ tool may be all you require.

If you require any further information regarding the Uniware Business Intelligence (BI) Tools, please call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or email info@uniware.com.au

Rocket Software Discover BI Tool

Rocket Discover helps businesses compete by unlocking data, allowing you to create dashboards and visualisations in rapid time.

With Rocket Discover, you can access any of our data within Unidata, Universe or D3 database. Using the provided ‘Multi-Value Meta-Data Manager’, users can convert data into successful dashboard views.

Rocket Discover allows you to view and create your dashboards within your preferred web browser; therefore, there is no need to install software on any users’ device.

Optimize your customers’ Multi-Value investment

Rocket Discover includes an amazing ‘Multi-Value Metadata Manager’, which helps in controlling file dictionaries to simplify BI administration. It also has a native interface to Rocket Unidata, Rocket Universe and Rocket D3 databases.

Once connected via secure Web Service, users can use the intuitive interface to transform their data into actionable result sets that can be propagated across the full array of reporting and visualisation capabilities. You also have the ability to include data from other sources, such as CSV file format, into the results.

Rocket Discover enables users to access their own dashboard reports with a simple drag-and-drop interface, adding fields, sorting, filtering, and manipulating data as the need arises.

If you require any further information regarding the ‘Rocket Discover’ please call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or email info@uniware.com.au

Rocket Software ‘Product Availability Matrix’

Want to know if you have the latest version of the Unidata, Universe or D3 database products. This can be easily determined by using the Rocket Software ‘Product Availability Matrix’.

This matrix allows you to select the database product you utilise along with the underlying operating system, such as Windows or Linux, and then display the current and previous versions of that database that is available.

It is a valuable tool in assisting business in determining what they may require with respect to  operating system releases, as well as the new features provided within the database products.

If you want to access, the ‘Product Availability Matrix’ please click here.

Uniware can assist you in both ordering and upgrading to a later release of Unidata, Universe and D3 as well as offering installation/upgrade services for any of these products where required. We are also very experienced with most operating systems that are available so please feel free to contact Uniware if you require any advice.

If you require any further information regarding the ‘Product Availability Matrix’ please call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or email info@uniware.com.au

Uniware – GS1 Alliance Partner, Barcode Technology Training

Uniware is proud to be a long-term Alliance Partner of GS1 Australia. GS1 is an international non- profit and only organization for integrating barcoding systems globally. You can rely on GS1 Alliance Partner that can provide a diverse range of supply chain hardware, software, communications products and services solutions to assist you with the implementation of the GS1 System in your business.

Uniware is an esteemed GS1 Alliance Partner and work with its clients in the entire process of streamlining their barcode and warehouse management systems.

To learn more about GS1 barcoding technology, attend one of their upcoming training sessions.

Click here for training session in Melbourne
Click here for training session in Sydney

If you require any further information regarding barcoding and warehousing systems, please call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or email info@uniware.com.au

What can Facebook do you for your business

Have you ever wondered how successful businesses make the best use of Facebook?

See below some creative ways that companies use to engage their target audience. Also, learn the secret rules to engage your target audience and converting them into potential leads.

Use high quality Interactive Images

Facebook is majorly a visual social tool to interact and express visually. The posts combined with images always attract more traffic as compared to just a post or link.

If your business wants your Facebook subscribers to stop scrolling and read through your Facebook posts, use high quality images combined with a message in bold font.

Uploading videos for better engagement and focusing on visuals

Everyday there are approximately 8 billion videos uploaded on Facebook. It is a proven fact that the videos experience much higher reach as compared to text, link or images. In fact, videos are the best and most efficient way to interact and engage with your target market.

To achieve the best results and success, the message should be precise and clear in the video. People will turn off long videos so get the best of it by keeping it to the point.

Target potential prospects with Facebook Ads

Companies have come to realize the importance of Facebook ads and make sure to connect with the appropriate market through Facebook ads. The advantage of Facebook ads is that it gives you the functionality to refine your own demographics, create high-end custom-made ads and let you select the budget.

Facebook ads are a powerful source which allows businesses interact directly with the people who might be interested in their product and service. Not only will you gain potential leads and sales, it is also an excellent way of social media marketing.

Capture the interest with ongoing Facebook Live Show

The launch of the Facebook Live feature has given business the ability to tap into millions of potential clients globally. Facebook claims that people watch live videos for a much longer duration as compared to pre-recorded videos.

Facebook Live is an amazing social tool that brands use most frequently to engage, build and connect with their Facebook users. In lot of cases, organizations use Facebook Live occasionally, however using it continuously leads to the real success. The most effective way to engage users is to set a day and time for a scheduled show so that people can know when they can see you live.

Facebook Instant Articles for enormous engagement

Publishers find Facebook Instant Articles excellent as it allows them to showcase the content via app, where the internet speed/performance is considerably better. Instant articles allow users to download a lot quicker as compared to mobile apps.

People are 50 percent less likely to ignore Facebook instant articles and are more inclined to share the instant articles than other mobile apps.

If you want to give your business an amazing website and/or mobile apps with strong keywords, else want to get most of digital marketing. Contact Xceed Web Development or call (03) 8804 0804

Aus Vantage Helpdesk Tip: Grid Search

V8 has powerful filtering options available within all grids.

To quickly search for text within all columns in a grid, right-click at the top of the grid and choose “Show Find Panel”.

Then input the required data in the search box. The grid will filter and highlight the search data only displaying lines containing this data. In the example below it has highlighted all instances of “99” and filtered to show only these lines.

Another search option is to right-click at the top of the grid and choose “Show Auto Filter Row”

This allows a column search for matching data. By default, it will search the column for items beginning with the entered search data. In example below, enter “000050” to search for all invoices starting with this sequence, or enter the whole invoice number.

To change the search criteria from characters at the beginning, click the words “Edit Filter” at the bottom right of the grid after entering the initial search. This gives other options.

If you require any further information regarding grid searches, please call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or email info@uniware.com.au


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