Uniware in Vegas for Zumapalooza 2017.

Uniware in Vegas for Zumapalooza 2017

Zumasys Inc. General Manager, Mike Coelho (left in the picture), with Colin McMahon and Craig Alford from Uniware  

Uniware participated in the Zumapalooza conference, which was held at M Resort in Las Vegas from
15th – 18th May 2017.

Zumapalooza is an educational conference for Multi Value databases (Unidata, Universe, D3, jBASE and OpenQM), cloud, infrastructure and software technologies, organised by Zumasys Inc. The event was highly successful which brought together over 500 thought-leaders, clients, and technology partners, to share ideas and explore the future.

Some of the highlights of the event were:

  • 50+ breakout sessions on the industry’s leading Multi Value databases, IT infrastructure, cloud and software development technologies
  • IT Technology Expo – Opportunity to learn about latest developments in MultiValue space and chance to network with like-minded individuals
  • One-on-one infrastructure technology solution sessions
  • MultiValue Future

As a result, Uniware hopes to introduce new products and services in near future.


Uniware After Hours Support Service

Uniware After Hours Support Service

Uniware is dedicated to ensuring the utmost uptime and performance of your MultiValue database and applications.

At Uniware, we understand that business systems need to be available at all times to ensure customer satisfaction. Take advantage of excellent after hours support services from Uniware with an annual subscription fee of just $ 1,000.00 ex GST.

Want to give your business affordable and world-class after hours support services around the clock?

Call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or send an email to info@uniware.com.aufor more information.


AusVantage V8: Keeping your Business Competitive

AusVantage V8

Whether you are operating in manufacturing, sales or distribution, customer satisfaction is critical for every business. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can track all of your customer orders, quantities and add notes from sales representatives. A few ways AusVantage V8 can assist your organisation to enhance the service you offer to your clients is through:

Competitive pricing

Quantity discounts and contract, or promotional pricing can be set up in the AusVantage system and used to your competitive advantage. The price you charge in comparison to your competitors could be a major contributing factor towards a long-term business customer.

Product differentiation

AusVantage V8 can help you customise specific product groups or services for different clients. One way this is accomplished is through better data management. The data collected by your sales team in the field would be used to differentiate your products or services to their specific needs and requirements.

Timely and accurate delivery

The fulfilment process in your supply chain can be complex. AusVantage V8 integrates with a third party parcel-tracking portal to track all shipments regardless of transport provider used. The web hosted tracking portal provides your customers, staff or third party clients, full visibility of consignment tracking events.

The AusVantage V8 ERP software system enables you to outperform competitors in today’s fast moving marketplace. If you would like to know how the latest version of AusVantage V8 can benefit your organisation, please call us on (03) 8804 0804 or email: info@uniware.com.au


New Releases for U2: UniData and UniVerse

New Releases for U2

Rocket Software has released the new versions of their U2 databases, which are UniData (8.2) and UniVerse (11.3.1).

The new releases come with advanced features and upgrades.

Some of Primary Features includes:

  • New Python Support

> Manage intensive reporting or BI workloads without impacting production

  • Faster HA/DR replication

> Field level replication
> Improved CGT (Cross-Group Transaction) performance

  • Security Updates

> OpenSSL updates and agility
> DB Tools resource view security

  • New audit logging features

Click https://www.rocketsoftware.com/resource/whats-new-rocket-universe-1131-0 to view the latest enhancements for UniVerse 11.3.1

Click https://vimeo.com/rocketsoftware/review/217019689/f1afc70796 to view the latest enhancements for UniData 8.2

If you are interested to know about the latest UniData (8.2) or UniVerse (11.3.1) or would like to upgrade to the new version, so please call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or send an email to info@uniware.com.au for more information.


Importance of an Appealing Website

Importance of an Appealing Website

1. Design plays a massive role in user’s attention
The layout and design of a website is an essential factor to the success of a business.
If you did not know, now you do – 94% of potential clients/customers base their trust of a business on the design of the website.

If a visitor cannot scan and identify significant information promptly, the likeliness of them exiting your page to access someone else’s increases dramatically. As per research undertaken by Neilson Norman Group on ‘how users read the web’, it is evident that successful websites which have a scannable layout increases reader usability and improves website browsing by 47%.

2. Annual update – A two-year-old website is too old

The fact is an outdated website is lowering a company’s chances for potential business.

With the constant tech improvements and the forever-changing web design, an updated website is becoming more and more essential for any business.

To stay relevant your website needs to be up to date with coding changes, browser updates and SEO algorithms to ensure it maximises its potential.

For those who do not know SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it is one of the most prominent ways to expose a business’s website.

Each different search engine like, Google has their own algorithms which are constantly rating and ranking your website in the search. With 75% of users never scrolling past the first page of a search result, it is obvious that the aim of the game is to make page one, therefore your SEO has to be the best it can be.

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If you require any further information regarding  Web Development, App Development or SEO/SEM solutions, please send an email to  info@xceed.com.au or you can also call Xceed on; 03 8804 0820


Helpdesk Tip: User Options

The ‘User Option’ function allows a user to change certain options relating to their own user ID.

This screen is found in the Menu System, System Data Maintenance, System Security Setup, and User Options.

Helpdesk Tip

Show Tooltips: When ticked this enables some helpful tips when hovering a mouse over certain prompts.

AusVantage menus alphabetic: When ticked this will display the menus in alphabetic order

Initially Display: When login you can specify whether to automatically display Diary messages or have a nominated program automatically open.

Default Printer Assignment: Allows a default printer to be defined for this user

Default Archive Forms Queue: Default forms queue number for report archiving

Region: This will allow a pre-defined region code to be saved against this user and if the region is setup with a time difference, then all processing will use the regional time instead of the server time.

If you require any further information regarding Uniware User Options, please call Uniware on (03) 8804 0804 or send an email to info@uniware.com.au


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