UniVerse is an agile and flexible MultiValue database designed for data-driven applications.

Access exception UniVerse support with Uniware.

A database which allows you to manage the data for enterprise applications, for all sizes and kinds of businesses and secures data through encryption and authentication for your solutions.

UniVerse is embedded into the vertical application development and lays a strong foundation for the web, desktop and mobile applications to fulfil many business needs quickly.

Uniware has a long history of integrating UniVerse to our partner’s data applications. We have been servicing the industry for more than three decades and pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


  • Manage MultiValue data through Data Replication and EDA processing
  • Advanced management with account-based licensing and audit logging
  • Data security and easy availability to enterprise applications
  • Easy integration with other software and external resources
  • Record-oriented integrated development using Python
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 Learn how UniVerse can help your business process by reading our informative datasheet.

Featured Capabilities

Smooth Application Integration

Offers a classic, native, record oriented development environment, which lets you go GUI, mobile or even further with Python. Featuring appealing design with high-end interface and queries for .NET, Java and other APIs and protocols.

Easy Analysis and High Security

A highly secure database that delivers high performances across all platforms. With user authentication, the entire data and records are encoded to ensure a high level of security. Features data encryption at the column level or by encrypting entire records. The access is provided at group or user level for role-bases security.

Flexible and Fast

UniVerse provides a fast and flexible data management database for developing data-driven enterprise applications, with tools that display intuitive database design, data access and graphical (or character-based) user interfaces for Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms.

Unbeatable Support

Uniware has a history of successfully integrating UniVerse to its client database; we can do this on premise or in the Uniware Cloud. We have a skilled team of developers who are here to provide you with exceptional UniVerse support and help you manage your MultiValue applications giving you complete control of ownership.

With a team of dedicated staff who are committed to delivering clients exceptional customer service, Uniware has immense experience in integrating your business applications with Universe.

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