MultiValue database technology is used extensively in industries such as;
Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Local Government and Health Care.
In fact a day will not go by where you have not interacted somewhere with a MultiValue application.
Many of the world’s largest organisations use MultiValue technology for their core business applications.
MultiValue, Database, NoSQL, Multidimentional, Pick

What is MultiValue?

MultiValue is a type of NoSQL and MultiDimensional database, typically considered synonymous with PICK. It offers an efficient and user-friendly database technological experience that differs from the traditional relational database meaning they support the use of attributes having a list of values, rather than a single value.

Our dedicated team of MultiValue professionals’ in collaboration with our team of application coders working in .NET, PHP, Python, C#, RESTful web services and a variety of other technologies, will help you to deliver your modernised applications and mobile solutions utilising state of the art coding and web services directly with your MultiDimensional Databases and Applications.

Uniware has the expertise and experience in hosting MultiDimesional database solutions within our Uniware Cloud; a platform which is built on industry-leading technologies and located in Equinix one of the most secure and leading data centres in Melbourne.

We offer and service the following MultiValue databases;
jBASE, OpenQM, UniVerse, UniData and D3.

MultiValue, Database, NoSQL, Multidimentional, Pick
Uniware has the largest variety of MultiValue Databases on offer
in the Australian and New Zealand market.

If you would like to know more about MultiValue or believe we can be of assistance to you then
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