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At Uniware we keep our customers in the loop about the new and exciting changes that are reinvigorating the MultiValue market place not only within Australia and New Zealand, but also across the globe. Providing you with information first hand that enables you to Pick Your Future. Watch the jBASE group from Zumasys including; Greg, Pete, Ian, Patrick and Bruce, talk through the latest…

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Uniware March MultiValue Newletter

Welcome to our March MultiValue Newsletter As a distributor and reseller for the widest range of MultiValue applications, Uniware is passionate about keeping our followers up to date with the MultiValue changes, news and updates within the industry. Below you will read about the following topics; jBASE Latest Release – jBASE 5.7 Zumasys – ‘jBASE Momentum Continues to Grow’ Rocket Software…

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jBASE Delivers for Uniware Customers

Uniware’s recent appointment as Distributor for Zumasys MultiValue DBMS products has enabled us to bring the exciting benefits of jBASE technology to our customers with some recent successful installations in companies operating in a 24/7 environment with over 100 users. (Success stories for these installations shall soon appear on our website) We would like to share with you some of the exciting,…

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Uniware Newsletter: December 2017

Firstly welcome to our December edition of the Uniware Newsletters, we do apologise as it has been a while since our last instalment. As most of you know Uniware has been going through some big changes; Partnership with Zumasys INC. New Database Offerings New Branding Complete Website Relaunch With the festive season well and truly in full swing we see…

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OpenQM Revolutionising the MultiValue Industry

If price and annual maintenance is your priority when choosing a MultiValue DBMS, then pay close attention to OpenQM and its unparalleled features, setting it apart from the other MultiValue Database Products on the market.OpenQM is compatible with other MultiValue products which ensures painless and seamless migrations from other MultiValue products. Bundled with AccuTerm, a leading terminal emulator, along with API’s to C,…

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Uniware – Committed to Reinvigorating the MultiValue Market

Uniware recently announced our new relationship with Zumasys Inc. as distributors for jBASE and OpenQM database products and are excited to share with you the motivation and future vision for this relationship which brings vigour and a new awareness across all levels of business in Australia and New Zealand of the power, flexibility and enormous potential of the MultiValue/PICK (NoSQL) database model. Zumasys…

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Uniware and Zumasys INC. MultiValue Distribution Partnership

Uniware is excited to announce our new relationship with Zumasys Inc. Zumasys Inc. is a global IT solutions company specialising in cloud computing, IT infrastructure and Pick MultiValue databases in particular jBASE and OpenQM. Adding to our continuing relationship as resellers of UniVerse, UniData and D3 we are now distributors of jBASE and OpenQM MultiValue Database platforms servicing Australia and…

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