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You may be aware of a recent server/PC vulnerability discovered and named the ‘Shellshock’ bug. This can leave servers exposed to ‘outside’ attacks on systems.

Uniware are in a position to install the latest ‘patch’ on your system and block this vulnerability.

It is estimated that the installation of this patch will take no longer than 30 minutes and will not disrupt your normal business processing during this installation.

These types of updates are not covered by any of our maintenance agreements therefore the time, estimated at 30 minutes, will be charged at our prevailing time and materials rates.

While we do not believe there is an immediate threat to your system, these security patches should be applied as soon as possible to ensure system integrity at all times.

Customers who have their AusVantage/DISTRIB ERP application hosted from the Uniware Data Centre need-not-worry as the appropriate patches have been installed.

If you would like Uniware to apply this security patch, we will have it installed within one (1) business day. Please call and ask for Craig, Dennis or Will C on: (03) 8804 0804 or email us at:

Timing of commitment of work order components

In AusVantage 2.8.3 and subsequent releases, the Commitments for Work Order components is now based on the product lead time & work order start date rather than always happening immediately.

There is a new prompt in System Setup ‘Factor of Lead Time to commit Stock on Work Orders’. The calculation is lead time on the Stock (if the Stock lead time is zero or blank, it will use 1 as the lead time) multiplied by the factor to calculate a number of days. The stock will be committed when the Work Order Plan Start Date is within this number of days from the process date. If the Work Order Plan Start Date is blank it will commit immediately. The user may also choose to manually commit the stock earlier.

If you have any questions or wold like a full scope of our release notes, please do not hesitate to call us on: (03) 8804 0804 or email us at:

Secure File sharing with R/Link

Business information between parties needs to be secure and confidential in order to maintain a competitive edge and peace of mind. This has become an increasing area of concern given the sheer amount of data breaches involving the most popular services. Since we all share information, we might as well do it right.

R/Link from Rocket Software is the ideal solution when it comes to providing information accessibility, security and most importantly peace of mind. With R/Link, you can collaborate with people both inside and outside your network with full security. Invite those outside your network and share exactly what they need to see—no more no less!

There are many situations where an R/Link solution will make perfect sense. If you or your customers need to share company financials with your accountant, supplier or external auditor then R/Link with its ability to encrypt data in flight and at rest provides an ideal mechanism for ensuring confidentiality. Imagine a Merger and Acquisition war room where information needs to be shared confidentially with interested parties both internal and external to your organisation. What about enabling Financial Institutions to ship sensitive personal financial documents including mortgage documents, loan approvals, etc backwards and forwards with their customers?

R/Link can be accessed via a web browser meaning there is no additional software that needs to be installed on any of your devices. Authorised users can invite anyone to share folders and files. With R/Link, users control who has access and what they are authorised to do. R/Link would be hosted on your own network enabling the seamless integration, access and authorisation of files to be made possible. All security and file transfer activity is logged and accessible by the R/Link system administrator. Make R/Link part of your solution for secure file sharing.

To know how we can provide you with secure file sharing from Rocket Software, please call us on: (03) 8804 0804 or email us at:

Tips from the helpdesk: Accessing Tax in the Non-Supplier`s Invoice Entry

Users are making an error in Non-Supplier’s Invoice Entry which causes their GST General Ledger account to be out of balance with their Tax Analysis Report.

The GST Amount can be entered on the same line as the other accounts being processed, or if preferred, as a separate line with the GST Account specified against the line. In either case, the GST must be entered in the Tax box.

The error users are making is entering the GST Account as a separate line and putting the GST in the Amount box. If this is done, it will not show in the correct area on the Tax Analysis Report.

An example of each method is shown below:

Tax entered on the same line:

Tax entered on a separate line:

To access the Tax box, you need to first enter “0” in the Amount box.

If you have any questions about the functionality of the AusVantage ERP software solution, please do not hesitate to call us on: (03) 8804 0804 or email us at:

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