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Integrate barcode scanning technology with your AusVantage/ DISTRIB ERP Solution

Using barcode technology integrated with your ERP software system is no longer a luxury available only to big companies with correspondingly big IT budgets. Today, economies of scale and the widespread use of integrated barcode technologies help companies reduce inventory costs, eliminate errors, improve document tracking and effectively streamlines business processes.The use of integrated barcode technologies enable companies to truly maximize productivity. It eliminates manual entries effectively reducing the likelihood of human error. Studies show an average of 10 keying errors for every 1,000 characters in comparison to 1 error in 70 million laser entries.

Barcode technologies help manufacturers, distributors and retailers better manage their inventories which can dramatically reduce the amount of inventory on-hand. Warehouse managers now know exactly when inventory is low, if physical inventory matches system inventory and even where specific items are located within the warehouse.

Integrated barcode solutions enable representatives to check the number of units being shipped for each order and provide accurate enquires for stock items that could not be supplied in full.

To know more on how we can integrate a barcode scanning solution with your Ausvantage/ DISTRIB ERP system, please call us on: (03) 8804 0804 or email us at:

Reminder: AusVantage/ DISTRIB EOFY Special offer

“Buy 3 user licences for AusVantage/ DISTRIB and get the 4th one free”. Let us help you minimise your tax obligation with this End of Financial Year special offer.

Offer is valid till the 15th of June and payment must be received by the 30thof June.

Please note: UniData/ UniVerse and D3 database licenses will be priced at the normal rate.

To get a quote on this EOFY special offer, please contact Craig Alford on: (03) 8804 0804 or email:

15% discount EOFY Search Engine Marketing package

Save 15% on the cost of implementing an online campaign this financial year by purchasing our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) package before the 30th of June, 2016. In order to improve your online exposure, our SEM package comprises of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a Google AdWords campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation

We follow Google`s standard best practises and give your website the best possible opportunity to rank higher in organic search results. Depending on the needs of your website, we will:

  • Assess your website and optimise 10 specific keywords and phrases related to your business
  • Enhancing website visibility in organic rankings through structured data markup
  • Improve your title tags and meta descriptions for better organic listings
  • Ensure your entire website is being crawled by Google bots
  • HTTPS upgrade (SSL involves additional charges)
  • Evaluate inbound and outbound links
  • Social Media integration (optional)
  • XML Sitemap verification

Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords campaigns are highly beneficial for organisations looking to boost online conversions such as sales, membership sign ups and email registrations. There is no minimum amount enabling you to set a budget that is suitable for your organisation. Using different targeting methods, adverts will reach potential customers when they are searching for your products and services.

Our online AdWords marketing package is based on a Pay-Per-Click scheme where we will:

  • Link Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and AdWords to your website
  • Target specific demographic groups and geographic areas
  • Tailor ads to run at optimal days and times of the weeks
  • Create, monitor and maintain 6-8 different ads
  • Setup conversion tracking
  • Provide monthly Google Analytics and AdWords reports

Our standard Search Engine Marketing package is priced at $ 1,170.00 but this EOFY package is priced at $ 995.00 and $ 465.00 p/mfor ongoing monthly maintenance with reporting. We understand that some organisations SEM requirements go beyond the scope of our standard package, nonetheless, we are well skilled to cater to your more complex requirements.

We have extensive experience in internet marketing, search engine optimisation and content writing that can help increase traffic and sales leads for your website. If you would like more details about our SEM package, please call Bethel Mpofu to discuss your online marketing objectives on: (03) 8804 0820 or email us at:

New auto populate option in Debtor Cash Receipts for AusVantage V8 version 8.1.2

Please see the below screen shots showing the shortcut entry of ‘#’ followed by an invoice number to be entered at the debtor prompt in Debtor Cash Receipts. AusVantage will automatically populate the Amount Received to the outstanding amount of this invoice (after any settlement discount is taken into account) and select this invoice for allocation. Any settlement discount will be taken up.

If you would like to know more about the auto populate option in Debtor Cash Receipts for AusVantage V8 version 8.1.2 please call us on: (03) 8804 0804 or email:

Tips from the Helpdesk: Unallocating Creditor Transactions

From AusVantage version 2.8.2, users are able to unallocate a transaction that has been applied to an invoice. This program is in Accounts -> Creditors Processing -> Unallocate Creditor Transaction.

In the below example, Invoice #13 has a credit note applied to it.

A selection can be made by Invoice numberCheque OR Credit Note Number.

If a user enters the invoice #13, then AusVantage will show the credit note that was applied against it.

When a user right-clicks on the credit note line, there is an option to ‘Unallocate Line

AusVantage will adjust the invoice back to outstanding and the credit note is available to apply against another transaction.

If you would like to know more about Unallocating Creditor Transactions, please call us on: (03) 8804 0804 or email us at:

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