The wait is over jBASE 5.7 has officially been released!

The wait is over jBASE 5.7 has officially been released!

The “Glory Days of MultiValue” — where dozens of PICK licensees competed for your business — are gone but not forgotten at Zumasys!

Zumasys Inc. is a global IT solutions company specialising in cloud computing, IT infrastructure and Pick MultiValue databases in particular jBASE and OpenQM. Zumasys acquired jBASE in 2015 and quickly began developing and upgrading the DBMS. In late 2017, Zumasys appointed Uniware as distributors within the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

Below Zumasys comments on the release of their latest version of jBASE.

“Like many of you, we have frustrations about one database vendor monopolising our market. Lacklustre innovation, continual price increases and the absence of a cloud strategy were just a few of the concerns that inspired Zumasys to acquire jBASE three years ago. Since then Zumasys has been busy innovating and adding feature upon feature, making MultiValue more appealing and more relevant than ever.

And today, we are thrilled to unveil the next step in modernising your PICK system”.

Listed below are the significant enhancements that are included with jBASE version 5.7

jBASE 5.7 is now available.

jBASE’s powerful NoSQL-like architecture allows your existing PICK programs to run natively on the underlying operating system. Unlike older MultiValue databases, there is no pseudo code or VME (virtual machine environment), making it instantly familiar to modern developers and allowing it to easily connect to other databases, web services, and the latest SaaS applications through rich API-integration.

jBASE 5.7 gives you even more flexibility to design your applications around your business needs and not the capabilities of your database.

Benefit from our latest features including:

Dynamic Objects
Create objects on the fly and program in a language that looks and files like JavaScript.

Affectionately known as “JabbaScript”—jBASE 5.7 marries the language of MultiValue (BASIC) with a modern language similar to JavaScript, giving developers the best of both worlds. One of the main benefit of Dynamic Object is that it makes BASIC a true object-oriented language. Also, since the jBASE compiler produces native code, operations on dynamic objects are blazingly fast.

Dynamic Files
Improve performance and flexibility with automated file sizing.

As the name implies, the new files are dynamic, built from the ground up to continually work optimally as updates are made. They aren’t like traditional MultiValue files which are hashed files that get re-sized manually or in the background. Dynamic Files reduce administrative overhead and boost your application’s performance.

Eliminate the necessity of using environment variables to configure jBASE.

jBASE profiles eliminates the use of environment variables to configure jBASE. Profiles extend the jBASE configuration allowing new settings which have never been available before – including a new “zero-conf” mode that allows jBASE to run with zero external configuration. With jBASE 5.7, you can continue to use your traditional environment variables, the powerful new profiles, or a combination of the two for maximum flexibility and customisation.

RESTful Services
Integrate your business application with the web.

You may love your flavour of PICK, but your organisation needs to keep up with the rapid pace of change and emerging technologies. At the same time, users are demanding a move from character-based interfaces to GUI and web; NoSQL data models, and of course, a strategy to embrace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). jBASE offers all of this while maintaining a remarkably low annual maintenance price of just $115.00 per user.

Uniware offers a special trade-in discount for your move to jBASE.  Receive a 50% user license discount when you provide us with a proof of purchase (including user count) for your old PICK database.  Note – This does not apply to rental/cloud licensing or CPU/core licensing.

For more information about how you can connect your organisation to the future with jBASE, contact Uniware and we will guide you every step of the way.

or you can contact us on 1800 338 880 to speak to
Craig Alford or Colin McMahon.

PICK YOUR FUTURE with Uniware.


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