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Offering all the functionality and features required to reach the next level of integration and customer satisfaction, as a technologically advanced multidimensional database jBASE provides seamless interoperability, web service and client-server methodologies. It is compatible with .NET integration and designed to provide a consistent object-oriented programming environment.

This modern database has a unique functionality of natively executing C – code in Unix, Linux and Windows, and provides language support (BASIC, Proc, Query), database support and a MultiValue product spooler, editor, admin commands, etc.


  • Improved Speed – natively execute C-code with UNIX, Linux and Windows
  • Compatible with .NET applications and enables .NET integration
  • Flexible – enables data to be accessed via other programming languages like Java, C# and .NET
  • Secure database – Data at Rest Encryption Module
  • Design applications through rich API – Integration
  • Can integrate with Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Oracle system
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities
  • Access to excellent jBASE Support

What’s new in version 5.7?

Dynamic Objects
Create objects on the fly and program in a language that looks and feels like JavaScript.

Affectionately known as “JabbaScript” jBASE 5.7 marries the language of MultiValue (BASIC) with a modern language similar to JavaScript, giving developers the best of both worlds. One of the main benefit of Dynamic Object is that it makes BASIC a true object-oriented language. Also, since the jBASE compiler produces native code, operations on dynamic objects are blazingly fast.

Eliminate the necessity of using environment variables to configure jBASE.

jBASE profiles completely eliminate the use of environment variables to configure jBASE. Profiles extend the jBASE configuration allowing new settings which have never been available before, including a new “zero-conf” mode that allows jBASE to run with zero external configuration. With jBASE 5.7, you can continue to use your traditional environment variables, the powerful new profiles or a combination of the two for maximum flexibility and customisation.

Dynamic Files
Improve performance and flexibility with an automated file sizing.

As the name implies, the new files are dynamic, built from the ground up to continually work optimally as updates are made. They aren’t like traditional MultiValue files which are hashed files that get re-sized manually or in the background. Dynamic Files reduce administrative overhead and boost your application’s performance.

RESTful Services
Integrate your business application with the web.

As a universal way for applications to communicate with each other, every major development language now includes frameworks for building RESTful Services. Native RESTful Services are built into jBASE allowing you to bypass proprietary APIs and open your Pick application to any language environment, web service or application.

Distributors of jBASE to the Australia and New Zealand markets, with a skilled team of developers and programmers, Uniware has you covered when it comes to supporting our resellers and partners.

Want to know more about jBASE?

To learn how jBASE can help bring your database into the future and modernise your business process read our informative datasheet.

Featured Capabilities

A Modern Platform

Offering a modern platform that has many benefits like seas of use, superb performance, small footprint and all the rich MultiValue feature, making it ideally suited to all business uses from the Internet to OLAP to transactional applications. jBASE is an advanced NoSQL that feature C-code, which are actually translated to “C” and then turned into native executable. 

Simplify Web Development

jBASE converts your existing MultiValue applications to native programs, which in turn increases speed and best utilise the upgrades available for Windows, Unix and Linux platforms. A flexible high performing database which connects to web services and other advanced applications through rich API integration, hence simplifying web development. 

High Level of Security

The jBASE Data at est Encryption Module (DREM) provides the functionality to enable users to encrypt data without the requirements to change any application code. The data can be encrypted at record or field level.

Migrating from another MultiValue database or developing in jBASE, Uniware has a dedicated team of developers in Australia to support you during and post implementation. Uniware is committed to providing you with exceptional ongoing jBASE support.

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