Businesses produce a variety of documents on a daily basis which can include invoices, picking slips, purchase orders, statements, etc. Uniware is an Australian based company and have developed a ‘Forms Management System’ that is being utilised by many organisations today. Our ‘Forms Management System’ is a self service business tool which allows organisations to produce documents that can be printed, emailed or faxed. Our application is versatile, customisable and above all user friendly.

The Uniware Forms Management System is a versatile program that allows you to customise your forms with a “What you see Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor. Take advantage of our efficient Forms Management System which is developed with the latest security, that will save you time and money while enabling you to become more productive.

Forms Designer and Forms Service

Enjoy a customisable Forms Management System that integrates seamlessly with any database system.

The Uniware Forms Management system consists of the Forms Designer and the Form Service.

The Forms Designer allows for the creation and modification of forms templates. These templates have static details where mapped data fields can be added and moved around to positions on the forms template.

The Forms Service is the processing heart of the forms management system.

Accelerate your forms processing time with a fully featured forms management solution.

Once a forms data record is found, the data is added to the forms template. The resulting documents are then printed, emailed and/or faxed according to specifications in the text file.

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Design your forms from templates to best suit your business in your own style with barcodes, watermarks and images. The Uniware Forms management system also allows you to save your forms document in a PDF file format at a location of your choice, in conjunction with printing, emailing or faxing the document. Additional service benefits include job loading, e-mail retries and failed job lists.

The Forms Service and Designer can be run on any Windows Version which allows for the installation of the “Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0” or above.

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