What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process by which a company manages and integrates the processes of its business. Uniwares AusVantage ERP software is designed to organise and integrate areas such as planning, purchasing, sales, inventory, e-Commerce, marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), finance, accounting and human resources.

Uniware prides itself on implementing a total solution that allows you to streamline your operations, while optimising your business process productivity.


ERP, Accounting, AusVantage, enterprise resource planning, What is ERP
ERP, Accounting, AusVantage, enterprise resource planning, What is ERP

AusVantage (ERP)

Our flagship product is a fully integrated and flexible business management solution suited for any size business, small or large, within supply chain focused industries needing intuitive and flexible software solutions. AusVantage ERP includes fully integrated business functionality covering Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounts, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Warehouse Management, Business Intelligence (BI), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), e-Commerce and other related functions.

Offering a complete and affordable business solution for any enterprise, AusVantage is scalable and robust, catering for diverse business requirements.

AusVantage is comprehensive and easy to deploy with added services such as, Web and App design/development IT Infrastructure, Cloud Hosting and e-Commerce.

Want to know more?

Have a read of our Advanced lighting case study, which delves into the challenges they faced and how Uniwares AusVantage ERP solution has helped improve their business process. Or if you’re simply looking for a greater understanding about AusVantage ERP read through our AusVantage document.

Want to know more?

Have a read of our Advanced lighting case study, which delves into the challenges they faced and how Uniwares AusVantage ERP solution has helped improve their business process. Or if you’re simply looking for a greater understanding about AusVantage ERP read through our AusVantage document.

Available Modules


Enhance employee productivity streamlining your distribution process and keep customers happy with sales order and invoicing capabilities that help you enter and process orders quickly and accurately with more control over your business process. Control your sales in the way that works best for you with discount management, drop shipping, kit items, sales quantity status, extensive back and forward order facilities. Complete e-Commerce, EDI and scan packing enabled.

  • Full integration with all relevant modules
  • Automatic processing of customer back orders, inter-warehouse transfers, works orders and purchase requests priority with delayed shipment capabilities
  • Online real-time Customer and current/historical Invoice/Stock item enquiries
  • Maintenance and tracking of quotations
  • Automatic pricing and discounting including quantity price breaks
  • Auto processing of forward orders with multiple release dates
  • On-line printing of Invoices, Picking Slips, Pro-forma Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Suggested or manual serial number/batch control
  • Price surcharge capability and automatic freight cost calculation
  • Automatic credit note facility incl. partial credits, credit control and authorisations
  • RA control from request through receipt to Credit Note acceptance
  • Route management
  • Integrated EDI/Scan Pack
  • Point-of-sale operating environment including barcode scanning
  • Extensive E-Commerce options
  • Comprehensive and flexible suite of Reports
  • Ability to handle customer Consignment stock
  • Ability to calculate commission for Sales personnel

AusVantage reduces inventory cost by providing intelligent control over inventory replenishment, making sure you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum. With fully integrated functionality, AusVantage inventory management features collaborate with Accounts, e-Commerce, Sales and Supply Chain modules such as Warehouse Management and Manufacturing.

AusVantage Inventory Control optimises stock replenishment and customer service levels. Keeps track of stock holding, order commitments and shortages, while reducing inventory investment and procurement costs. With an efficient and integrated supply chain, AusVantage helps you make the best use of inventory and resources to satisfy demand.

  • Multi-warehousing includes branch, stock and bin locations with complete transfer control
  • Fully integrated with other modules
  • Automated receipting capability from internal shipments (e.g. branches) or supplier purchase including progress monitoring
  • Inter-warehouse stock balancing
  • Advanced searching facility by description, part number, alternates, supplier parts/group
  • Last, average, standard, FIFO or actual costing automatically updated
  • Flexible stock pricing with quantity breaks and contract/promotional pricing
  • Automatic ABC and stock turn analysis
  • Serial number tracking facility including batch and perishables monitoring
  • Part supersession/interchange and complement processing
  • Machine service/performance/history
  • Flexible “Kit” processing facilities
  • Product group, category and item identification with hotspot drill-down facilities including graphical output
  • Full reporting and enquiry suite for analysis, valuation, inventory lists, stocktake (cyclic or demand), stock on order, stock commitments etc
  • Product demand forecasting with advanced reorder capabilities including multiple supplier/manufacture order forecasting and season/trend analysis
  • Bar-coding and optional Radio Frequency Interfaces

Purchasing module streamlines procurement of required raw materials and product. Allows tracking and expediting of all purchase orders. Controlled/ Automated replenishment facilities will reduce overstocking and assist cash flow.

  • Creditor enquiry provides drill down facility into all purchase orders with comprehensive receipt tracking, credit claims and reporting facilities
  • Access to all purchase order details and re-order factors through the Inventory module
  • Full on-line enquiry and reporting facilities on outstanding, partially filled and filled orders
  • Suppliers invoice and goods receipt reconciliation
  • Ordering and receipting controls for non-inventory (buy-in) items
  • Advanced re-order facility with manual or auto-generation of purchase orders
  • Replenishment suggestions from historical or forecast usage
  • Provision for preferred and alternate suppliers
  • Integrated fax and email facilities for sending purchase orders directly to suppliers
  • Contract purchasing management with multiple delivery schedules
  • Interfaced to General Ledger, Inventory, Sales Processing, Accounts Payable, Importing, Warehousing and Job Costing

A proven and advanced Warehouse Management system for Distribution, Manufacturing and Retail enterprises. AusVantage automates the movement of goods within the warehouse, optimising valuable inventory, warehouse space, product placement strategies, labour resources and logistics efficiency.

Offering advanced features such as multiple warehouse and BIN locations, Order Dispatch and Stock Receipts, Serial Tracking, Pick Planning, Consolidated Picking, Order Pack-out, Cross-docking, Carton Packing, EDI Interfacing and Barcoding/RFID technology.

  • Warehouse utilisation and reporting
  • Bin placement/picking suggestions
  • Multiple zones and suggested top-ups
  • Put-away processing for control of product storage and bin locations
  • Radio Frequency Interfaces

Create any number of sales reports and custom forecast scenarios. At report time, choose how to compare and rank sales dollars, quantities or profit margins— by customer, salesperson, product or product line, YTD, MTD or current to previous year.

  • Advanced on-line sales analysis facilities on Customers, Inventory, Territory, Sales Category, Sales Rep with graphical or data format
  • Sales forecasting with 24-month sales history and buying trend/season analysis
  • Daily trading position analysis
  • Easy searching and retrieval of sales/product information allows for effective identification of effective products, customers and markets
  • Capability to integrate with Windows based spreadsheet, financial analysis and desktop programs using ODBC in BI suite

The Quotations module calculates and prints quotations as well as recording the details of these quotations for future queries or changes. On acceptance, the quotation can be easily converted to a Sales Order or Invoice with no re-keying. Extensive enquiry and report facilities keeping track of outstanding quotes and quote performance.

  • Effective tracking from quotation to simple conversions to sale
  • Reporting on follow-up and lapsed quotations
  • Extensive multi-level performance reporting

AusVantage Importing provides full shipment tracking facilities for improved customer service with integrated landed cost calculation including all shipment on costs. Provides for improved margin analysis, essential for the profit conscious organisation.

  • Full integration into Purchasing, Inventory, Creditors and General Ledger modules
  • Facility to enter all related shipment invoices in multiple currencies with variable or set exchange rates
  • Forward exchange contract and multiple exchange rate facility
  • Stock costing by shipment/container/purchase order with choice of on-cost spread methods
  • Complete or split receipts
  • Comprehensive reporting and enquiry suite allows tracking by voyage, container and purchase order
  • Integrated fax and email facilities for sending purchase orders directly to suppliers
  • Contract Purchasing management with multiple delivery schedules

Regardless of the product that you are importing or exporting, whether it be basic materials, machinery and motor vehicles or personal and household goods, the same pain exists in managing multiple currencies.

Uniware AusVantage with Foreign Currency Module can manage the process for you, making complex international transactions simple.

Well suited for SME’s needing an accurate and easy to use accounts integrated Point of Sales (POS) program fully integrated with the back office. Get real-time visibility and monitor all sales activities across all your locations. View customer purchase history, holdings, lay-bys and analysis cash control. Generate ad-hoc reports to make better business decisions.

  • Full order processing features
  • Barcode/Scanning interface if required
  • Float processing
  • Cash draw facilities
  • Full lay-by processing

AusVantage Debtors provides a comprehensive suite of receivable functions. Improve customer service and reduce debtor days through instant, onscreen access to all account and customer contact information.

  • Closely interfaced to Order Processing/Invoicing
  • Comprehensive on-line enquiry facilities
  • Detailed sales, payment history and analysis recorded by territory, customer category, product group, sales representative, customer and product
  • Open item or balance forward accounting selectable by customer
  • Multiple delivery addresses and/or ‘charge-to’ accounts
  • Secure Adjustment Note and Credit Claim processing facilities
  • Casual or cash account processing
  • Full cash receipting facilities, including automatic dishonoured cheque reversals
  • Automated billing capabilities
  • Multiple currencies
  • Independent multiple period-end close off
  • Bank deposit slips provided on-demand and for multiple banks/branches/stores
  • Comprehensive on-line help facilities
  • Unlimited memos linked to diary down to transaction level
  • Graphics and Document association for all communications
  • Integrated fax and email facilities for debt collection, automatic fax of statement and general enquiries

AusVantage Creditors module provides precise and efficient control of creditor relationships. Enabling efficient processing of all creditor transactions, AusVantage provides forecasts of current and future cash flow requirements easily and accurately.

  • Integrated to General Ledger, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Importing and Job Costing
  • Extensive historical transactions kept for supplier history and supply performance analysis
  • Effective cash flow control with due date reports
  • Invoices reconciled with purchase orders and deliveries
  • Ability to estimate unreceived invoices for costing purposes
  • Flexible payment options including EFT and fax or email notification
  • Automatic Cheque generation and remittance advice printing for released payments
  • Payment enquiry facility with drill down capability to view actual invoices paid
  • Extensive on-line enquiry and reporting facilities
  • Full foreign currency facilities
  • Independent period-end close off

Delivering complete financial transparency for you and your colleagues to monitor and drive performance more effectively and make business decisions based on reliable, up-to-date information.

  • Integrated with all modules
  • Multi company, division or profit center flexibility with automatic account consolidation
  • Multiple reporting levels and multiple budgets with comparison to previous periods
  • Comprehensive industry standard trading statements and balance sheets plus freeform management reporting with totaling, consolidation and comparison
  • Strict General Ledger and interfaced subsidiary ledgers with full audit and data controls
  • Account and detail transaction enquiries
  • Standing and diarised journals
  • Automatic reconciliation and reversals facility to ensure data integrity
  • Optional 12 or 13 accounting periods with multiple year concurrencies
  • Account memos/security
  • Full bank reconciliation
  • Facility for foreign bank accounts
  • Automatic distribution of funds to nominated accounts
  • GST reporting to Business Activity Statement
  • Capability to integrate with Windows based spreadsheet, financial analysis and desktop programs using ODBC or BI suite.

Asset/Lease Register is a feature-rich asset management package that simplifies the setup, tracking and depreciation of assets of all types. Asset/Lease Register integrates with General Ledger, making it the perfect asset management package for your business.

  • Maintains records of capital items with commercial and taxation depreciation rates and methods
  • Full asset history processing including additions, transfers and disposals
  • Future depreciation predictions
  • Lease recording and finalisation
  • Direct depreciation interface with General Ledger

Providing a consistent view of data across the enterprise, AusVantage CRM is fully integrated with the AusVantage ERP suite. AusVantage CRM combines sales and marketing functionality to capture customer data, regardless of the contact medium, including telephone, fax, email and field representative. Enable your sales and marketing team to efficiently manage the sales pipeline and forecasting. Acquire, develop and retain prospects and customers.

Manage and enhance customer interaction with our contact management system. An easy to use system enabling integrated e-marketing campaigns, diary/appointment and call tracking; schedule representative activity to ensure efficiency.

Know the current status of your prospects and customers, View complete contact and sales history, look at all correspondence and documents and know the next step with confidence.

  • Integrated diary/appointment book
  • Contact management system
  • Advanced search facilities
  • Multiple security levels
  • Integrated e-marketing
  • User defined fields and groups
  • Centralised document management
  • Complete contact history
  • Multiple contact types
  • Sales and quotation history
  • Integrated email/fax capability
  • Search by company/contact/phone number
  • Forecasting and business intelligence
  • Campaign management

Specially designed for Australian employment conditions AusVantage Payroll/HR is intuitive, easy-to-use and fully integrated. PayRoll/HR versatility includes user-defined structures for pay elements, costing, data analysis, reporting and salary requirements.

  • Integrated with General Ledger
  • Pay rate by award, hourly rate/salary
  • Sick, annual and long service leave entitlement calculation and monitoring
  • Extensive Personnel detail enquiry with full payroll and leave history
  • Flexible pay frequency – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, casual
  • Cash cheque or bank pay with direct deposit facility (including EFT)
  • Superannuation compliance
  • Payslip and Payment Summaries printing
  • Electronic Lodgement- ATO registered
  • Super Stream compliant through Click Super
Manufacturing / Service Management:

A simple and easy to use Bill of Materials system enabling accurate costing of finished goods and work in progress. Supports unlimited use of sub assemblies, components, labour, overhead and sub-contractor costs.

Manage your material requirements planning with facilities for works order process and estimating. This is a feature rich module for the small to medium sized assembler or manufacturer.

AusVantage Bill of Materials (BOM)/Job Costing is ideal for the smaller manufacturing company to manage the end-to-end manufacturing process. Integrates with other ERP modules to make forecasting and reporting easy.

AusVantage achieves on-demand, real-time project visibility and simplifies the estimating, tracking, costing, billing and analysing of projects. Our Job Costing facility provides complete visibility and transparency of project costs, single contract view for multiple jobs and divisions, comprehensive reporting, shortened billing cycles and easy access to information from anywhere.

Jobs may be analysed by cost centre and split into user defined stages for progress claims and reporting. Integration with receivables and payables included for automatic transactions entry and immediate posting of project or job.

  • Contains information related to the structuring of a product, such as components, sub assembly, labour and sub-contractors
  • Provides picking list and summary of overheads
  • Job costing, lead time offset, components forecasting, material availability
  • Labour and machine capacity planning
  • Historical tracking of jobs
  • Standard reporting

A sophisticated planning and scheduling module encompassing all the resources of a complex manufacturing environment. Schedule materials and resources for all stages of production with routing and dependencies fully catered for. Manage your planning schedules from master production plan to locked-in factory loading. A complete planning and scheduling system for the complex manufacturer.

Powerful planning and scheduling features for the larger manaufacturing organisation.

  • BOM version control, route management, wastage and by-product processing
  • Phantom BOMs, formulaic BOMs
  • Identification and allocation of resources required including materials, labour, machines, work centres and locations
  • Constraint and dependency optimisation
  • Demand planning (based on forecasting) and scheduling
  • Multi warehouse, multi plant, multi work centres and resource groups

Improve the customer experience and efficiently manage your field service team on an intuitive service call logging system capturing all relevant data.

Call Logging processes information from your phone system in real-time so that you always have the most up to date in your call reports.

  • Automatic priority escalation
  • Call priorities by colour coding
  • Job despatch and allocation
  • Suggested technician allocation
  • Full technician tracking
  • Inventory interfacing when parts required
  • Invoicing of service calls
  • Help desk
  • Extensive reporting
  • Meter Plan invoicing
  • Interface to Paging System
  • Interface to remote PDA field service system

Generate greater service revenues at higher margins and establish service as a competitive differentiator with our Service management module. End-to-end functionality such as call logging, dispatch, contract/s, billing, historical review, technician notification, labor and parts management.

  • Integrated to Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Pricing and General Ledger
  • Comprehensive servicing enquiry and reporting facilities including detailed warranty expiry, component information and full service history on all machines
  • Money/machine performance monitoring
  • Complete area maintenance and postcode cross-referencing

AusVantage Project Costing provides a completely integrated cost management solution. Project Costing accumulates costs for reporting, while tracking your projects. Budget and manage revenue and expenses for a project. Track details by date, month or year.

  • Fully integrated with other modules
  • Project maintenance
  • Budget vs. forecast vs. actual analysis
  • Budget lock-in
  • Revenue and expenditure forecasts
  • Revenue and expenditure retentions
Business Intelligence:

Report Writer allows the user to create ad-hoc reports based on the database file dictionaries. This can provide additional information from the database that may not be available in the standard reports and enquiries or alternatively present the data in another format.

These reports can then be printed or exported to a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

The Report Writer works by selecting the dictionary items you want to work with, arranging them in the order you want to be displayed, modifying their default formats with respect to headings and conversions and setting up pre-selections from which the report will be based.

  • User generated reports
  • Information data
  • List of data attributes
  • Interchangeable data fields
  • Select own fields to report on
  • Preview function
  • Customised format
  • Export data to other software

The spooler viewer allows the user to access standard ERP reports printed as hold files, with the ability to print, view and export a specified report. Much like a preview screen with ability to view and customise data at the same time and easy export into HTML, CSV or Excel.

The Cube designer in BI is a Windows-based desktop client that allows the user to design and create hypercubes from operational source data. It captures the hypercube specification and generates data Extraction/ Transformation/Loading (ETL) routines allowing the user to develop highly customised applications to suit specific internal reporting or research requirements.

Enjoy a customisable Forms Management System that integrates seamlessly with any database system.

Once forms data record is found, the data is added to the forms template. The resulting documents are then printed, faxed and/or emailed according to specifications in the text file.

Features include;

  • Creation and modification of forms templates
  • Acceleration forms processing time
  • Custom design to best suit your business
  • Barcodes, watermarks and images
  • Save your documents to a database
  • Release your documents in print, fax or electronic form
  • Job loading, email retries and failed job lists
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