Uniware’s Accounting Software – Business Intelligence (BI) provides a bird’s eye view of the performance of your organisation.

Our reports encompass Financial, Inventory, Warehouse, Manufacturing and Sales Metrics geared to make your planning and forecasting a breeze. Great for a small to medium size business looking to increase market share and manage costs.

Create Reports & Charts with our comprehensive Intelligence tools. Business users can perform queries, create reports, track business performance, analyse data, and share conclusions with others. Our reports include managed, ad-hoc reports, and transactional, operational, production, and statement – style reports. With additional tools such spooler viewer, cube designer and dashboards you can create insightful and in-depth reports & charts that improve forecasting & responsiveness to market trends.

AusVantage BI gives you a boost in flexibility to avoid down-turns, anticipate trends and capitalise on your strengths. Many clients using our BI tool now have better and more accurate information that increases efficiency through standardising their reporting functions. Our intuitive BI tools allow you to personalise and manage transactional, operational and ad-hoc reporting.

Our BI accounting software tools are highly collaborative for access by relevant personnel and an easy to use cube designer for effective data analysis.

Want to know more?

For a greater understanding about AusVantage Business Intelligence have a read through our BI document. Learn how Business Intelligence with the added features of Cube Designer and Report Writer can help your business process.

Cube Designer

The Cube designer in Business Intelligence (BI) is a Windows based desktop client that allows the user to design and create hypercubes from operational source data. It captures the hypercube specification and generates data Extraction/ Transformation/ Loading (ETL) routines allowing the user to develop highly customised applications to suit specific internal reporting or research requirements.

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Featured Capabilities

Report viewing and interaction

Export to external repositories
Export to various formats
Real-time customisation

Fit-to-width print preview

Self Service Reporting

Calculated columns/fields
Dynamic ranking/ pivoting/ filtering
Percentage algorithms

Data Visualisation

Embedded drill-down

Report Production

Query to report, One-click default reports
Roll up summary, Drill-down
Relational data
Cube/File security and passwords
Scheduler, Report distribution