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As a distributor and reseller for the widest range of MultiValue applications, Uniware is passionate about keeping our followers up to date with the MultiValue changes, news and updates within the industry.

Below you will read about the following topics;

  • jBASE Latest Release – jBASE 5.7
  • Zumasys – ‘jBASE Momentum Continues to Grow’
  • Rocket Software 4% Increase
  • Is Your Rocket Product Ready for an Update?
  • Uniware Successfully Migrates Bevilles Corporation to jBASE
  • Rocket Software – Approval for any Software Licence Transfers
  • The International Spectrum Conference and Exhibition


jBASE Latest Release – jBASE 5.7
If you haven’t already heard, Zumasys has been working away to bring you the latest version of jBASE 5.7 to improve your experience with MultiValue applications. The jBASE development team has pulled it off again, packing in many new ground breaking features into the highly anticipated release. Watch the jBASE guys talk through the latest developments in this casual short video. Listen in as they touch on Dynamic Objects, JSON, Dynamic Files, Java Extensions, RESTFUL Services and more.  As official distributors for the Australian and New Zealand market Uniware can help with any questions you have on jBASE and its latest developments.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from your MultiValue specialists, Uniware.

Zumasys – ‘jBASE Momentum Continues to Grow’

Am I the last person running Pick? – Think again! Hundreds of thousands of companies run applications on proven MultiValue database platforms.

In fact on the 10th of January 2018, Zumasys announced they had successfully helped the following businesses modernise their MultiValue applications with jBASE;

  • General Air Service and Supply, Denver, CO
  • Sanders Supply, Hot Springs, AR
  • Sepulveda Building Materials, Laguna Niguel, CA
  • The Corken Steel Products Co., Florence, KY
  • Calverley Supply, Sterling Heights, MI

“We are really excited about the market response to jBASE,” said Zumasys President and co-founder Paul Giobbi. “More and more MultiValue users in every industry are seeing tremendous value in being able to modernise their applications with browser-based interfaces. And not only is jBASE lower cost than their legacy database solutions, it allows them to appeal to the next generation of developers who can take their applications forward into the future.”

jBASE includes native RESTful services, middleware, and a multi-dimensional database. Unlike other MultiValue databases, jBASE turns MultiValue applications into “native” Linux or Windows programs. With jBASE, the rich application logic found in proven legacy applications can be easily integrated with the latest development frameworks and languages. This approach allows organisations to take advantage of the latest technologies without abandoning the richness and low total cost of ownership of legacy applications.


Rocket Software 4% Increase. 

Rocket Software announced a price increase at the end of January, which will be effective as of 1st May, 2018. With a 4% increase for both the license and maintenance charges, Rocket explained the increase with the below message;

‘We’re writing to inform you of changes in pricing for your Rocket MultiValue application(s), which will take effect May 1, 2018. On that date, both license and maintenance costs will increase by 4%. We strive to provide the best and most affordable solutions to our customers, and during our annual product portfolio review, we determined that price increase is necessary in order to continue delivering customer value, as well as invest in our products and our talent.’


Is Your Rocket U2 Product Ready for an Update?

Are you running a Rocket Software U2 product, looking to update to the latest version and not sure if or when there will be one? Wonder no more, check out;  Rocket Software – Product availability.

You can use this matrix to see if your database has a new version update and when it will be released.

If your Rocket Software MultiValue product is under a current support agreement, there is no charge to access the latest version of your MultiValue database. Take advantage of the upgrades that are available to ensure you are utilising the latest technical advances in your Rocket Software product.

For more information on the Rocket MultiValue products and the MultiValue industry, Rocket is constantly updating their blog posts with valuable content such as:

Don’t forget to check it out Rockets MultiValue Blog page to stay up to date.


Uniware Successfully Migrates Bevilles Corporation to jBASE

Bevilles Corporation is a busy national jewellery retailer with 20 stores in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales utilising the D3 database on a Linux platform for over 130 users. Bevilles currently run their ERP and POS application out of the Uniware Cloud and was looking primarily for a DR solution that provided a failover server in case of a disaster.

After reviewing MultiValue options such as UniData and jBASE, they determined that jBASE provided a far greater benefit than just a DR Solution. With jBASE they discovered how easily it would be to future proof their existing ERP application.

Not only did jBASE solve their initial requirements and open up future development paths, it was also significantly cheaper to implement, than the alternative solution would have been.

From the time Bevilles agreed to move to jBASE, Uniware migrated all data and software for testing in less than a month and Bevilles were processing live within 8 weeks on jBASE.

Bevilles have now been processing on jBASE for well over 3 months and could not be happier with its performance and stability and now look forward to modernising their application with the jBASE tool set.

If you want to know more about how jBASE can modernise your business, please don’t hesitate to contact Colin McMahon or Craig Alford on 1800 338 880 or email pick@uniware.com.au


Rocket Software Licence Transfer Policy

Rocket Software has stated by “any licence transfer is subject to fees or repurchase requirements.”

Below are recent communications/advise regarding Rockets Licence Transfer policy;
‘We occasionally come across situations where a Rocket MultiValue licence is required to be transferred to an End-User’s parent or subsidiary or to a successor organisation as a result of a merger, consolidation, reorganisation, assignment, or a sale of assets. It is important to understand that the licencee must hold a controlling interest in the resulting organisation to qualify for license transfers. If the licencee does not hold a controlling interest, the licences may need to be repurchased.

Any licence transfers are subject to transfer fees or repurchase requirements.’
If you have any questions in regards Rocket Software licence transfer policy, please don’t hesitate to contact Colin McMahon or Craig Alford on 1800 338 880 or email pick@uniware.com.au


The International Spectrum Conference and Exhibition

  • International Spectrum is celebrating over 37 years of serving the international MultiValue Database developers and users. To celebrate they are conducting their 2018 conference and exhibition in Florida, on 23rd – 26th April.This year’s conference is loaded with information about new options, technologies and products that you can use to extend the value and capability of your personal career and MultiValue applications. ‘…The MultiValue knowledge, resources, and technology to solve your business challenges and enhance your MultiValue systems, so you can gain competitive advantage, and maximise profitability.’For more information regarding the Spectrum conference or to register please visit the below links;
    – Conference Details
    Session List and Topics
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