Introducing AccuTerm 7.3

AccuTerm 7.3 includes:

●  ReZume session resilience handles network interruptions gracefully*
●  Create dictionary-driven reports with phiReport Basic Edition
●  AccuTerm Maintenance & Support Program

*Available for Linux and AIX (requires ssh connection)

Access Anytime, Anywhere
Enhance your MultiValue system with AccuTerm

AccuTerm ® has always been the leading high-performance connectivity solution for Pick MultiValue and Windows, with the all-new AccuTerm®7 continuing this tradition. AccuTerm®7 includes many productivity features including Visual Styles to enhance character-based applications, a full-featured GUI development environment, your robust automation interface and VBA scripting.

As a leader in terminal emulations, AccuTerm® gives you the freedom of mobility, compatibility and functionality. Providing you with access to MultiValue applications on the go, via both iOS and Android devices. AccuTerm® caters to to all your terminal emulation needs, whether it is the basic or full package.


  • Telnet, Secure Shell, SSL/Telnet, Serial and Modem connections
  •  GUI development environment with tools to create true GUI Pick MultiValue applications
  • Visual Styles give character-based applications an instant facelift
  • Modern tabbed interface simplifies using multiple terminal sessions
  • Perfect emulations for Wyse, Viewpoint & DEC VT terminals plus Linux and SCO console emulations
  • Import / export to Excel, Access and text files using Wizard
  • Unicode (UTF-8) compatible for international applications, and more!
Want to know more about AccuTerm?

Read our AccuTerm datasheet.

AccuTerm has a Diverse Range of Products Including;

AccuTerm, GUI, device, MultiValue applications, GUI, development environment, Terminal Emulation

AccuTerm® Standard

The Standard edition is the leader in terminal emulation, which allows you to access your MultiValue application, whether it is on premises or in the cloud, from any Windows device. With the AccuTerm® software, you get high-performance connectivity to your MultiValue systems with a full complement of productivity features, including visual styles, a full featured GUI development environment, robust automation interface and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripting.

AccuTerm® Lite

A basic terminal emulator for character based MultiValue, Linux, or Unix applications, includes the same accurate terminal emulation and connection options as the Standard version, but without many of the advanced features. It is a great choice for users who require an outstanding telnet or SSH client, but do not need file transfer, scripting, automation and other extras that are included with the Standard version.


AccuTerm® Cloud

Supports all of AccuTerm’s powerful emulation and host integration features, including AccuTerm’s private programming commands, GUI, automatic font scaling, VBA scripting and file transfer. However, the user interface elements such as menus and toolbars are not present, since the web browser provides the user interface. AccuTerm® Cloud makes it easy to deploy your heritage applications on the web.


AccuTerm® Personal

A free personal license for educational use only. The personal edition includes all of the features of AccuTerm® Standard except only connections to localhost ( are supported. This restriction of AccuTerm® Personal, means that you will need to have a local database such as OpenQM Personal Edition or UniData Personal Edition installed on your PC.


Featured Capabilities

Device Integration

AccuTerm enables businesses to work on the go with the ability to access their MultiValue applications via mobile and tablet device. Making it easy to use when visiting clients.

Bundled Software

AccuTerm was designed and developed to integrate seamlessly with OpenQM, that makes the migration from other MultiValue platforms painless while bundled together.

A Modern Platform

AccuTerm takes advantage of its fully modernised interface throughout Windows 7, 8 & 10, while maintaining compatibility with XP-SP2.

AccuTerm offers anytime anywhere access to MultiValue applications. With Uniwares dedicated team of developers in Australia to support your mission critical applications. Uniware is committed to providing you with exceptional ongoing AccuTerm support.

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