Pick Your Future

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Uniware offers you freedom of choice to pick your future. A complete IT Company,  specialist provider of the widest range of MultiValue Database solutions in Australia and New Zealand, Uniware is dedicated to providing AusVantage ERP and other MultiValue solutions on premise and in the cloud.
Let Uniware take care of your mission critical application within the Uniware Cloud.
Uniware’s extensive clientele are often market leaders gaining a competitive advantage in utilising our IT solutions.
Our customers span a diverse range of industries including,but not limited to the following:


“Before AusVantage CRM and ClearConnect we had no way of knowing how much time our sales reps were spending creating lighting designs that were never going to be converted into sales. Now with AusVantage we can easily ascertain which customers are integral to our business and which are non profitable customers and our reps can prioritise their time accordingly.”

Richard Langdon (Managing Director) – Advanced Lighting Technologies

“We have a fairly dynamic operation with over 9,000 product lines and in excess of 450 orders a day and until recently, a headache of a whole lot of paperwork. The difference has been that Uniware’s barcoding has enabled us to make a quantum leap to a paperless Wi Fi system.”

Lyppard Australia – Managing Director

“The software is great. It satisfies all our accounting, warehousing, sales and supply chain requirements. Uniware have the best people and brilliant support. I have a piece of mind knowing that we chose the right partner.”

Managing Director – F.C. Walker and Sons Pty Ltd

“The professional MultiValue Application Development and Support team at Uniware provide Dun &Bradstreet with excellent value for money. Their analyst/programmers were very quick to master our Universe Basic and System Builder environment. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Greg Sealby Application Development Manager – Commercial and DMS – Dun &Bradstreet

“We had experienced significant disruptions to our business due to connection issues whereby stores couldn’t connect to our systems located at head office. After a review by ‘Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’ technology division, it was recommended our ERP system be move to the Uniware Cloud. We have since experienced 100% uptime over the past 7 years. I now have peace of mind that our systems and data are both secure and always accessible by our stores since the migration to the Uniware Cloud. “

Gary Beville, Chief Operations Officer – Bevilles Jewellers Pty Ltd