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Wireless Warehousing Solutions

Today's margin squeezed economy requires greater efficiency in the warehouse. Receiving, counting, picking, shipping and transferring inventory are all tasks that require accurate and fast data entry to stay abreast of real-time requirements.

Even where 'paper' makes sense in the business process the power of the barcode can speed entry and reduce transcription and entry errors. Scanning technology allows warehouse staff to send accurate purchase order receipt and sales order picking and packing information to AusVantage for rapid confirmation or modification. Intuitive, mobile devices are used to receive and send data via a wireless network back to the host computer. Application software provides the ability to scan individual barcodes as well as non-saleable inners and outers, further reducing time and greatly increasing accuracy.

Stock picks and placements can be presented to operators in a logical sequence that minimises the time lost searching for products or free shelf space. Stock counting can be done in a similar manner with operators working within assigned warehouse 'zones', thereby limiting time spent and distance travelled.

As a leading end-to-end Supply Chain solution provider, Uniware has implemented many integrated, wireless and scanning warehouse and production solutions with our customers.

Uniware’s team of wireless warehouse specialists can tailor an end-to-end solution for your Supply Chain from Manufacturing, across the warehouse floor to the point of sale with one integrated barcoding system.

Uniware is an alliance partner of GS1 - the Australian Standards Body for barcoding and e-messaging. As an alliance partner Uniware’s AusVantage software is configured to support current barcoding technologies and methodologies read more.

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