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Report Writer/Spooler Viewer

Report Writer allows the user to create ad-hoc reports based on the database file dictionaries. This can provide additional information from the database that may not be available in the standard reports and enquiries or alternatively present the data in another format.

These reports can then be printed or exported to a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

The Report Writer works by selecting the dictionary items you want to work with, arranging them in the order you want to be displayed, modifying their default formats with respect to headings and conversions and setting up pre-selections from which the report will be based.

  • User generated reports
  • Information data
  • List of data attributes
  • Interchangeable data fields
  • Select own fields to report on
  • Preview function
  • Customised format
  • Export data to other software

The spooler viewer allows the user to access standard ERP reports printed as hold files, with the ability to print, view and export a specified report. Much like a preview screen with ability to view and customise data at the same time and easy export into HTML, CSV or Excel.

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